#SOTELNZ Welcome to 2020!

Happy New Year, and Welcome to our first event of 2020: the #SOTELNZ Symposium (19-20th February, WG). The draft programme is now available at http://sotel.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/SoTEL-2020-full-programme-draft.pdf & abstracts https://ojs.aut.ac.nz/pjtel/index.php/pjtel/issue/view/2 Early bird registration extended to 24th Jan: Join us for a great lineup for the 3rd annual Symposium https://sotel.nz/ #ASCILITE #A_L_T #PJTEL #ASCILITEMLSIG
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Call For Papers: Research in Learning Technology #SOTELNZ #ASCILITEMLSIG #ALTC #MESH360

#ASCILITEMLSIG, #cmaltcmooc, #mesh360, #PJTEL, #sotelnz
Call for Papers Research in Learning Technology (RLT) MMR Special Collection  Mobile Mixed Reality Enhanced Learning - Update 2019 - Call for Papers https://journal.alt.ac.uk/index.php/rlt/CFP Guest editors Dr Thomas Cochrane, Centre for Learning And Teaching, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. thomas.cochrane@aut.ac.nz Associate Professor James Birt, Faculty of Society and Design, Bond University, Australia. jbirt@bond.edu.au. Dr Vickel Narayan, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Sydney, Australia. vickel.narayan@sydney.edu.au  Focus of the special collection update Mobile Mixed Reality (MMR) is a rapidly developing technology that is being implemented in many different learning environments. A lot has changed already since the publication of our 2018 Special Collection on MMR, and this update to the 2018 special collection on MMR for 2019 will highlight the latest research in this domain.
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