#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Launch

#cmaltcmooc, #sotelnz
We plan on launching the CMALT cMOOC again next week starting 19th March and it will run for 7 weeks until 4th May. The cMOOC is completely free and is aimed at participants sharing experiences as they explore developing CMALT eportfolios, and gaining a professional development experience. We aim to have a G+ Hangout as an intro for anyone interested in the cMOOC 16th March Friday morning, 12 noon. There will be one for UK participants Thursday 15th March 10pm NZ time. We use a G+ Community, Twitter, and Wordpress to facilitate the cMOOC The Community is https://plus.google.com/communities/116813247511022815291 The Signup form is on Wordpress at https://cmaltcmooc.wordpress.com/contact/ And the weekly activities are at https://cmaltcmooc.wordpress.com We us the #cmaltcmooc hashtag for Twitter and any other social media You can find out more…
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