Join the 2019 CMALT cMOOC #cmaltcmooc

Are you interested in gaining international accreditation for your experience and expertise in integrating technology in teaching and learning? The Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT) provides peer reviewed recognition aligned with the UK higher education professional standards framework. The Centre for Learning And Teaching at Auckland University of Technology have developed a cMOOC (connectivist Massive Open Online Course) to support academics and allied staff develop portfolios for CMALT accreditation, and facilitate an experience of participating in a global network of higher education professionals. The 2019 CMALT cMOOC starts 25th February and will run for 7 weeks. The cMOOC is completely free and is aimed at participants sharing experiences as they explore developing CMALT eportfolios, and building their professional academic online profiles. There will be a YouTube…
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Conducting Educational Design Research Workshop #sotelnz #ascilitemlsig #ascilite 18th Feb 2019 with Tom Reeves

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Conducting Educational Design Research ​ Educational design research (EDR) addresses two primary goals:  •  improving educational effectiveness in specific practical settings, and  • identifying empirically grounded and sharable design principles and models for enhancing educational effectiveness beyond specific settings.  A third, but nonetheless important goal, is professional development for all participants, both practitioners and researchers. Since its formalization in the early 1990s, EDR (also known as "design-based research" and by several other names) has become increasingly adopted by educational researchers and collaborating practitioners working in fields such as educational technology, the learning sciences, and healthcare education.  EDR goes beyond "action research" by combining the solution of real world practice problems with the search for reusable/replicable intervention design principles. The emphasis in this workshop will be less on the theoretical aspects of EDR and more on the "nuts and bolts"…
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It’s a date – the #CMALTcMOOC starts again 24 September – signup to participate!

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We’re running the #CMALTcMOOC again starting 24 September – so it’ll be great to have you on board – please encourage your colleagues who may benefit from becoming part of the community and the journey to signup at The CMALT cMOOC aims to mentor and support applications for CMALT accreditation. CMALT is the Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technologies (available to either ALT or ASCILITE members and recognises experience and expertise in the use of technologies for learning. This is available to academic and allied staff who are interested in or have successfully integrated the use of learning technologies in the course(s) they teach. We have developed the CMALT cMOOC ( as a 7-week online support programme/network, and the next iteration of this starts on September 24…
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Archive of today’s #SOTELNZ #ASCILITEMLSIG Webinar with @dave_parsons from the MindLab via @YouTube @GirirjssRaj

#ASCILITEMLSIG, #cmaltcmooc, #sotelnz
Archive of today's #SOTELNZ #ASCILITEMLSIG Webinar with @dave_parsons from the MindLab via @YouTube @GirirjssRaj We discussed the use of mobile AR and VR in secondary education, mobile learning affordances, and CMALT accreditation - great to catch up with @dave_parsons again.
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