#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Launch

#cmaltcmooc, #sotelnz
We plan on launching the CMALT cMOOC again next week starting 19th March and it will run for 7 weeks until 4th May. The cMOOC is completely free and is aimed at participants sharing experiences as they explore developing CMALT eportfolios, and gaining a professional development experience. We aim to have a G+ Hangout as an intro for anyone interested in the cMOOC 16th March Friday morning, 12 noon. There will be one for UK participants Thursday 15th March 10pm NZ time. We use a G+ Community, Twitter, and Wordpress to facilitate the cMOOC The Community is The Signup form is on Wordpress at And the weekly activities are at We us the #cmaltcmooc hashtag for Twitter and any other social media You can find out more…
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Invitation to participate in doctoral research #sotelnz

#sotelnz, Research
Invitation to participate in doctoral research You are cordially invited to participate in doctoral research (Ethics approved on 17 March 2017 for three years, Reference Number 018812) ​conducted by Ashwini Datt ​ from the University of Auckland. The research aims to investigate the extent to which networked experiences can support the development of our capacity to teach with technologies. More details can be found in the participant information sheet​​.   Your participation is voluntary and if you complete the anonymous questionnaire​ (which should take no more than 15-20 mins of your time) or volunteer for the interview​, you will be contributing to the growing information on contemporary professional development. Any outputs/publications - in addition to what will be available in the public domain ​- will be shared with all participants once published for wider dissemination.   Please contact Ashwini on if you have any questions. Feel free to circulate the request in your wider networks.​​
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Joining the #SOTELnz Research Cluster

Joining the SOTEL Research Cluster The SOTEL (Scholarship Of Technology Enhanced Learning) research clusters are designed to provide a hub for academics to build a community of researchers and a showcase of their scholarly research into their teaching practice. We welcome participants from any discipline context to join us and form associated research cluster groups at We officially launched the SOTEL Research Cluster Group at the inaugural SOTEL Symposium on 15th February at AUT South Campus. We hope you will put the SOTEL Symposium in your annual event calendar! To join the SOTEL Research cluster: First signup to the WordPress site at the Join the Community! link and then Login once you have created a username and password at Next find the Research Cluster Group that you…
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