PostGrad supervision

SoTEL research cluster members available for Post Graduate supervision:


Dr Thom Cochrane


Thomas Cochrane is an Academic Advisor and Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology at AUT University’s Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLAT). Thomas has research expertise in Qualitative research in technology enhanced learning, with a focus upon action research, and design based research methodologies. He has a research specialisation in mobile learning, heutagogy, communities of practice, and the scholarship of technology enhanced learning. He has a research publication portfolio that includes 46 peer reviewed journal articles, 26 book chapters, and over 120 conference proceedings.



BE, BD, GDHE, MTS, Mcomp, PHD (Monash), CMALT.

Recent PhD supervision experience includes the following Thesis topics:

  • The mobilised learner: Heutagogy and mobile social media
  • The more you know, the more you see
  • Transmedia learning framework to increase student engagement and retention in Universities
  • Typographical Portraiture: reflections on the Patea freezing works
  • Can AR or MR technologies improve mountain safety?

Dr Vickel Narayan

Vickel Narayan is a Learning and Teaching Consultant at the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLAT) at the Auckland University of Technology.

PhD (Murdoch), MComp, PGDComp, GDHE, BSc (Comp Sc & Info Sys)
@vnarayan (Twitter)
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