SoTEL committee

Dr Thomas Cochrane

Thomas Cochrane is an Associate Professor in Technology Educational Learning in Higher Education at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for the Study of Higher Education (MCSHE).

BE, BD, GDHE, MTS, Mcomp, PHD (Monash), SCMALT.

Dr Vickel Narayan

Vickel Narayan is a Lecturer (Educational Development) at the University of Sydney Business School.

PhD (Murdoch), MComp, PGDComp, GDHE, BSc (Comp Sc & Info Sys)
@vnarayan (Twitter)
Google Scholar

Dr Claudio Aguayo

Dr Claudio Aguayo is a Senior Research Officer at Te ara Poutama, Auckland University of Technology, where he contributes to research, development and implementation of learning technologies. Claudio is currently undertaking research projects at the local, national and international level in mobile learning, sustainability education, science education, collaborative online spaces, and educational app development.

Dr Chris Deneen

Associate Professor and Enterprise Fellow in Education Futures, UniSA.


Dr Elisa Bone

Senior Lecturer in Higher Education – STEM and #FlexAP at MCSHE the University of Melbourne.

Dr Helen Sissons

Associate Professor, Journalism educator at AUT and former broadcast journalist.

Dr Philippa Smith

Associate Professor, Language & Culture, AUT.

Dr Alastair Wells

Alastair is Lecturer in Education, AUT.

Lorraine Fairest

Lorraine is Te Ara Poutama Administrator, AUT.

Lisa Ransom

Lisa has been a member of the Learning Technologies team at AUT since 2012. In this time she has provided advice (and training) on supported learning technologies relevant to teaching.
Lisa has also been involved in projects including mobile device support and aspects of learning design. She supports academic teams in course and curriculum development and assists with effective authentic assessment strategies.
Lisa has also been a member of the following conference committees: ASCILITE (2009), Shar-Fest (2009-2015), Mahara Hui (2014-2015 and 2017).

Previous SoTEL Committee Members:

Mark Northover

Mark was the Director of the Centre for Learning and Teaching at AUT, with an accompanying role as Learning Technologies Manager.

Mark was a member of the ASCILITE executive committee, the AUT representative on ACODE, the ASCILITE rep on the TeLRG (Tertiary e-Learning Reference Group) in New Zealand, and was recently appointed as chair of the Ako Aotearoa Northern hub.

Richard Elliott

Richard is currently an independent e-learning consultant.
He has more than 37 years experience in education. His major focus in recent times has been e-learning with the creation of interactive learning environments on and off the Web and their integration with other digital technologies for learning and teaching. He also has a lot of experience in helping to organise innovative education events, including ASCILITE (twice) and Shar-E-Fest NZ (8 times), hence his involvement in the organisation of SoTEL 2018, 2019 and now 2020. Richard has also been posting the eLearningWatch, since 1994.

Pam Wyse

Pam Wyse, former Centre Manager, Centre for Learning and Teaching at AUT. Pam is a member of ATEM – Association of Tertiary Education Management.