SoTEL 2024 Programme

Trendsetter Webinar Sessions

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Figshare DOI Lodge, “AI in the wild: How students are using generative AI in their learning”, 26th April, 12-1pm AEST
Figshare DOI Bone,  “Enabling TEL capacity across complexity”, 3rd May, 12-1pm AEST
Figshare DOI
Cristian Rodriguez, “A Tale of Two Schools”, 17th May, 12-1pm AEST
Figshare DOI
Robert Vanderburg, “Enhancing Mathematical Proficiency through Digitally Individualized Pedagogy”, 24th May, 12-1pm AEST
Figshare DOI TBDChris Deneen, “AI and assessment in higher education: Problems, possibilities, and pathways” 31st May, 1-2pm AEST
Figshare DOI Sudlow, “Strengthening the System:
Networked Education”, 7th June, 12-1pm AEST
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#SOTELNZ 2022 Symposium first abstracts now published
January 26, 2022
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October 16, 2020
#ASCILITEMLSIG webinar 5 June 2020 “Transitioning to online: Capitalizing on opportunity within chaos – We’ve made it through the emergency remote teaching phase. What next?”
June 7, 2020
#ASCILITEMLSIG webinar 5 June 2020 via @YouTube This webinar featured Lisa Marie Blaschke, Oldenburg University on "Transitioning to online: Capitalizing on ...