SoTEL Symposium 18-19 February 2021

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Registration and trendsetters

Cost: $150 NZD + GSTWilliam Locke University of Melbourne, Australia [Remote]
FULL delegate: $150 NZD + GSTLisa Marie Blaschke University of Oldenburg, Germany [Remote]
Day: $75 NZD + GST
Renea MacKie Creative Forest, New Zealand

Alan Daly University of California, USA [Remote]
Prof Laura Czerniewicz University of Cape Town, South Africa [Remote]
Hohepa Spooner Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Pacific Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (PJTEL)

We are now accepting papers for the Pacific Journal of Technology enhanced Learning (PJTEL). Call for papers

SoTEL cluster news and update

#ASCILITEMLSIG webinar 5 June 2020 “Transitioning to online: Capitalizing on opportunity within chaos – We’ve made it through the emergency remote teaching phase. What next?”
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May 15, 2020
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