Call For Papers: Research in Learning Technology #SOTELNZ #ASCILITEMLSIG #ALTC #MESH360

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Call for Papers Research in Learning Technology (RLT) MMR Special Collection  Mobile Mixed Reality Enhanced Learning - Update 2019 - Call for Papers Guest editors Dr Thomas Cochrane, Centre for Learning And Teaching, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Associate Professor James Birt, Faculty of Society and Design, Bond University, Australia. Dr Vickel Narayan, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Sydney, Australia.  Focus of the special collection update Mobile Mixed Reality (MMR) is a rapidly developing technology that is being implemented in many different learning environments. A lot has changed already since the publication of our 2018 Special Collection on MMR, and this update to the 2018 special collection on MMR for 2019 will highlight the latest research in this domain.
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Welcoming AUT Midwifery to #MESH360

The Midwifery Team Brigid Beehan and Clare Barrett have joined the #MESH360 project with their "Birthing Room" Seekbeak VR scenario linked off the AUT Clinical Health VR Hub See the direct link at
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Conducting Educational Design Research Workshop #sotelnz #ascilitemlsig #ascilite 18th Feb 2019 with Tom Reeves

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Conducting Educational Design Research ​ Educational design research (EDR) addresses two primary goals:  •  improving educational effectiveness in specific practical settings, and  • identifying empirically grounded and sharable design principles and models for enhancing educational effectiveness beyond specific settings.  A third, but nonetheless important goal, is professional development for all participants, both practitioners and researchers. Since its formalization in the early 1990s, EDR (also known as "design-based research" and by several other names) has become increasingly adopted by educational researchers and collaborating practitioners working in fields such as educational technology, the learning sciences, and healthcare education.  EDR goes beyond "action research" by combining the solution of real world practice problems with the search for reusable/replicable intervention design principles. The emphasis in this workshop will be less on the theoretical aspects of EDR and more on the "nuts and bolts"…
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#TALE2018 summary in tweets

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The IEEE TALE 2018 conference was held in Wollongong, Australia 3-6 December. Our contribution from the #SOTELNZ research cluster was from the #MESH360 project, featuring a day-long mobile VR demo, and our short paper that was awarded as overall best short paper for the conference! Cochrane, T, Cook, S, Aiello, S, Aguayo, C, Dañobeitia, C, & Boncompte, G. (2018). Designing immersive mobile learning mixed reality for paramedic education. Paper presented at the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE), University of Wollongong, Australia. Read more on ResearchGate Twitter Moment:
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